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75 ohm 17 vatc coaxial cable
Good moisture resistance, low transmission attenuation, etc. Mainly used for cable TV, video monitoring, etc
Also used to 75 ohms radio ...
FOB Price: US $0.045-0.08 / Meter
Min. Order: 20,000 Meters
CCTV Cable RG6

Company Information
We are Factory, Manufacture, Export Merchant.
Located in Lin`an, with 3000 SQ meters workshop

4 Production Line
Production of a ...
Min. Order: 50,000 Meters
Coaxial cable RG11

1)Inner conductor: BC or CCS OD: 1.63mm

2)Dielectric: Gas expanded polyethylene
Diameter: 7.11mm

3)Foil: Boned Al+Pol, Al+Pol+Al, Al+Pol

4)Braids ...
Min. Order: 20,000 Meters
Perfect for Satellite TV, CATV, Security or other Video applications coaxial cable

RG6, RG59 cable used for indoor satellite and cable TV as an aerial.

Pure Copper ...
Min. Order: 500 Rolls
QR540 Coaxial cable for CATV


1)3.15mmCCA, Foamed PE 13.03mm Welded AL Strip, 15.78mm PE
2)comptetive price with good quality

Coaxial cable ...
Min. Order: 10,000 Meters
RG6 Siamese Satellite Coaxial Cable with Plug

RG6U Coaxial CableConstruction

Physical Specifications Material Specifications

Center Conductor: . 040in(1.02mm) BC/CCS ...
Min. Order: 50,000 Meters


CONDUCTOR: 18AWG(1.02mm) Solid Copper / Copper Clad Steel
DIELECTRIC: 4.57mm Foam PE
1st SHIELD: ...
Min. Order: 50,000 Meters
Coaxial Cable <Alarm Cable>
Alarm Cable Shielded 4C
Alarm Cable Applications: Wiring Burglar and Security alarms, public address systems, intercoms, telephone stations, speakers, ...
Min. Order: 50 kms
TOP Quality RG6 Coax Cable with Spool Reel

Inner Conductor---------------------------1.02± 0.01mm Copper
Dielectric ...
Min. Order: 50,000 Meters
Coaxial Cable Bt3002/8 Core siamese coax Video cable

BT3002 / 8 CORE


Conductor: 8X1/0.31mm Bare Copper
Dielectric: 1.95mm Solid polyethylene
Shield: 1 ...
Min. Order: 5,000 Meters
Hot sell competitive price rg59 BNC compression connector

Coaxial Cable <BNC Connector>
Product Name: BNC Connector
Product Description: BNC MALE CRIMP TYPE
Material: Zinc ...
Min. Order: 5,000 Pieces
Coaxial Cable <RG7>
Coaxial cable RG7 RG7 coaxial cable TV cable RG7
RG7 coaxial cable
Center Conductor: 1.29mm BC/CCS
Dielectric: 5.7 mm FPE
1′Shield: AP ...
Coaxial Cable <RF Coaxial Cable (8D-FB)>
RF Coaxial Cable (8D-FB) 8D-FB Cable
8D-FB Low Loss 50 Ohm Coaxial Cable

Conductor: 2.80mm Bare copper/ CCA ...
Min. Order: 20,000 Meters
Coax cable RG11 with ground wire( RG11 Messenger coaxial cable):
Center conductor: 1.63mm CCS(21% conductvity)
Dielectric: 7.11mm FPE
Shielding foil: Al/pet
Outer ...
Min. Order: 50 kms
Coaxial Cable <RG58 A/U>
Cable<RG58 A/U>:
1) 19X0.18mmTinnedCopper+2.95mmSolid PE + + 95% Tinned Copper Braiding+4.95mmPVC
2) Customers′ specifications are ...
Min. Order: 30 kms
Coaxial Cable RG6 Quad-Shield

Inner conductor: 1.02mm Bare Copper/CCS
Dielectric: 5.0mm Foam Polyethylene
1st Shield: Al-PET-Al Foil with 2mm overlap
1st ...
Min. Order: 50,000 Meters

1) Construction

2) Characteristics

3) Attenuation

About us:

We are Factory, ...
Min. Order: 50,000 Meters
High Quality Commscope 75-5 75-3 RG6 Coaxial Cable
Good moisture resistance, low transmission attenuation, etc. Mainly used for cable TV,video monitoring, etc
Also used ...
FOB Price: US $0.04-0.07 / Meter
Min. Order: 20,000 Meters
75 ohm 19 vatc coaxial cable
Good moisture resistance, low transmission attenuation, etc. Mainly used for cable TV, video monitoring, etc
Also used to 75 ohms radio ...
FOB Price: US $0.045-0.08 / Meter
Min. Order: 20,000 Meters
Coaxial Cable Bt3002/16 Core siamese coax Video cable

BT3002 / 16 CORE

Single BT3002 Specification:

Conductor: 16X1/0.31mm Bare Copper
Dielectric: 1.95mm ...
Min. Order: 10,000 Meters
Siamese Solid Copper RG59 RG-59 Coax Coaxial Video Cable

DUAL RG59 Coaxial cable
1) Construction
Center Conductor: 0.81+0.01mm Solid Copper/Copper Clad Steel
Dilectric: ...
Min. Order: 30,000 Meters
White Color Useful Cable Nails, Cable Clips
Useful Nail Cable Clips
Wire Plastic Cable Clips
Wire Nail Plastic Wall Cable Clips

1. Material: PE(white, grey), elasticity and ...
Min. Order: 50,000 Pieces
Coaxial Cable RG213

Product Description
Coaxial cable RG213

Inner conductor: 7/0.75mm BC
Dielectric: 7.24mm Solid PE
Wire Braided Shield: 90% Bare Copper Braiding
Jacket: ...
Min. Order: 20,000 Meters
RG6 Tri shield with messenger coaxial cable

Coaxial Cable( RG6):
1) 1.02mmCCS +4.57mmFoamed PE +A/P(bonded)+60% AL Braiding + Al Foil (Al-PET-Al) + 7.08mmPVC ...
Min. Order: 30 Pieces
Speaker Cable

High-performance speaker Cable with RoHS certification

1. Conductor: Copper, CCA, TC.
2. Structure of conductor: Spiral, weave or tape
3. Jacket: PVC, ...
Min. Order: 500 Rolls
High Quality Low Price Rg59/RG6/Rg11 Semi Finished Coaxial Cable

1)1.02mmCCS +4.57mmFoamed PE +A/P(bonded)+60% AL Braiding + 6.91mmPVC
2) Customers′ ...
Min. Order: 50,000 Meters
RG59 Standard Coaxial Cable

Rg59 Coaxial Cable Construction:

RG59 Coaxial Cable, communication cable
Center Conductor: 0.81mm BC
Dielectric: 3.66mm SPE ...
Min. Order: 50,000 Meters
KX6 coax cable

High quality MIL standard CCTV camera KX6 coaxial cable, apply for CCTV system, high performance, quality warranty.
Certificates: ETL, CE, RoHS, ISO9001

KX6 ...
Min. Order: 20,000 Meters

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